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Personal Injury Issues In Commercial Truck Accidents in California

19 Oct, 2021

An injury involving a truck accident will present some unique factors than injuries suffered in accidents involving standard vehicles. Truck operators carry vehicle insurance with higher policy limits than regular vehicle drivers. Truck operators must...

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What Types of Car Accidents are Considered Catastrophic

22 Sep, 2021

All vehicle accidents have the potential to be catastrophic. However, certain types of vehicle accidents are deadlier. An accident is more likely to be catastrophic if a driver was moving at high speed when it occurred. Understanding the different types...

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Determining Liability in a Truck Accident in California

19 Jul, 2021

Compared to car accidents, truck accidents are more complex and hard to settle. While car accident faults are often blamed on driver negligence, vehicle malfunction, or poor road conditions, numerous other contributing factors are involved during truck...

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What to Do After You Sustain Severe Injuries in a Truck Accident

23 Jun, 2021

Unlike the typical passenger vehicle, a truck, commonly known as the "big rig" or 18-wheeler, can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and stretch about 70 feet. Because of this tremendous difference in weight and size, the aftermath of a truck accident is likely...

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