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Who Is Liable In A Self Driving Car Accident?

10 Jan, 2022

With the rise of self-driving cars in today’s automotive sector, the question of potential liability in the event of an accident is now more pressing than ever. Before self-driving automobiles existed, the legal framework on car safety and the liability...

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Claiming Damages From a Drunk Driver in California

23 Nov, 2021

While drunk driving is a criminal offense, drunk drivers can be sued in a civil process. Victims can file a lawsuit against drunk drivers to recover damages for the injuries a drunk driver causes. As a matter of right, the civil process allows victims...

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Finding Liability In A Pedestrian Accident in California

03 Nov, 2021

Of all types of traffic accidents, pedestrian accidents cause some of the most severe injuries. When a pedestrian accident occurs, pedestrians are often vulnerable to severe injuries like bone fractures, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain...

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Personal Injury Issues In Commercial Truck Accidents in California

19 Oct, 2021

An injury involving a truck accident will present some unique factors than injuries suffered in accidents involving standard vehicles. Truck operators carry vehicle insurance with higher policy limits than regular vehicle drivers. Truck operators must...

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