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How to File an Accident Claim With Allstate in California

06 Sep, 2022

If you have suffered injuries following a car accident, you must file a personal injury claim to recover financial compensation. In California, comparative negligence is the legal principle or doctrine in personal injury cases. The fault is distributed...

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What is Joint and Several Liability in California?

01 Aug, 2022

In personal injury cases, more than one party is often responsible for causing the victim’s injury. So what then will it mean for the involved victim? Who, among the responsible parties, will they sue for damages? In California state, the joint and...

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Understanding Comparative Negligence and Fault in Los Angeles

23 Jun, 2022

To recover damages or compensation in a personal injury case, you must be ready to prove the other party was negligent or at fault, leading to your injuries and losses. Typically, most personal injury cases will come down to negligence. Negligence is...

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How Much Can You Sue the Liable Party for in a Car Accident in Los Angeles?

16 May, 2022

Car accidents can be devastating. On top of the severe injuries sustained and property damage, you will be wondering who will cover your medical expenses and how the compensation process works. The process can be frustrating, primarily when proving who...

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