Limousine rides are common in the city of Los Angeles, mainly because of the celebrities and residents who prefer it as a mode of transportation during special events. Moreover, limousine rides are also regularly used when special occasions occur in the city, attracting more rental services. The design of a limousine is unique because of the elongated body to provide a larger sitting capacity. Thus, the car’s large area requires the assigned driver to maneuver with care and skill to avoid the risk of being involved in a catastrophic accident. Usually, these accidents are not prevalent with Limousine cars. However, they may bring about devastating effects to the passengers and other motorists when they occur.

After suffering from a catastrophic Limousine crash, it is vital to contact the Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney who will help you file a compensatory suit for the damages and physical injury sustained. With our expert experience in the field of personal injury lawsuits, you will have access to beneficial legal advice and support as you work towards receiving your rightful compensation. Our firm has worked with numerous clients in Los Angeles, California, to secure positive compensatory outcomes for the severe injuries they sustained after a catastrophic limousine accident.

Types of Catastrophic Limousine Accidents

Several modes of collision may result in different accidents, leading to irreversible damage for the victims involved. The different types of accidents arise from other causes that may vary from distractions when driving, disregarding traffic regulations or even mechanical problems in the vehicle. Despite the various causes of Limousine accidents, the personal injuries you may sustain cause similar problems that may change your life or your loved one's lives for good.

Learning more about the types of Limousine accidents will help you distinguish the nature of the accident you were in to provide your attorney with the relevant information he/she needs when preparing for your compensatory suit. The common types of catastrophic Limousine accidents include:

  1. Head-on Collisions

A head-on collision involves crashing into another vehicle from the front side of the car. Thus, the two crashing vehicles usually are driving in opposite lanes, with one of the drivers losing control of the car and hitting the other. The causes of such accidents vary, but typical reasons may include driving at high speeds. Suppose the Limousine driver engages a high rate that prevents him/her from prompt reactions to sudden obstacles or vehicles ahead. In that case, the Limousine can easily crash into another car, leading to severe damage from the high-impact collision.

Additionally, head-on collisions may occur from distracted driving, whereby the Limousine driver may focus more on attending to the passengers in the car and answering their questions. For example, if you and others inside the car were drunk from a party, there may be commotion or drowsiness that attracts the driver's attention. Consequently, the focus on the road is diminished, leaving an opportunity for an unforeseen head-on collision.

You are likely to suffer severe injuries from such a crash, primarily if the Limousine was moving at high speed. The force exerted on you, and other passengers could also be too great, meaning that you may be jerked off your seat and hit your head against the car’s interior. Common injuries from a head-on collision include broken bones, spinal injuries, and traumatic brain injuries, especially if the high impact forces you against the hard car surfaces. In some cases, the broken windshield debris can also lead to deep tissue cuts and other severe wounds if they enter your eyes. 

  1. Rear-end Accidents

A rear-end collision occurs when a vehicle hits the one ahead of it from the front. Alternatively, the Limousine you travel in may also be on the collision’s receiving end when a vehicle moving behind the Limousine hits the back. Typically, rear-end accidents do not cause severe injuries if the drivers involved apply brakes or promptly serve out of the line of impact. However, since most accidents are unforeseen, there is always the risk of severe aftermath occurring where you and other passengers may sustain serious injuries.

A catastrophic rear-end accident may arise when a vehicle moving at high speed fails to brake on time, causing it to crash into the rear end of the Limousine. If you were seated at the car’s aligned back seat, you would sustain a direct impact from the collision, which pushes the Limousine forward and maybe even cause the deformation of the vehicle. Sometimes, an accident victim may fail to move away from the danger zone quickly enough and suffer injuries from the sudden force and broken debris falling from the broken back window. Other times, the deformation of the back of the Limousine may push you forward, leading to neck and spinal injuries and broken arms as you try to support yourself. The force can be colossal, mostly if the vehicle that caused the rear-end accident was a large truck or SUV.

If the Limousine hit another vehicle's rear end from the front, you could also be in danger of sustaining injuries if you had not secured your safety belt. The high impact plays a role in passengers falling over and hitting hard surfaces in the car. Consequently, you are prone to traumatic brain injuries from such an accident, leading to unprecedented outcomes.

  1. Rollover Collisions

Involvement in a rollover accident could cause fatalities and other catastrophic effects from the high damage levels that are likely to occur. In a rollover accident, the vehicle may fall off a sharp edge on the road, especially at bends, and end up stuck in a creek. Such accidents may also occur from the high force of collisions when the Limousine hits a larger vehicle that sets it off rolling.

Different causes may result in a rollover accident, depending on the scene of the incident. Suppose the Limousine was on the road with many bends. In that case, such an experience can happen if the driver is not alert to the dangers that could come with excessive speeds and overtaking other cars in unpredictable road spots. Subsequently, the driver may try to avoid an unexpected head-on collision when overtaking or negotiating sharp corners on the road, and end up causing a rollover accident instead. In such a situation, the Limousine will roll over several times down the valley or creek, leading to severe vehicle damage.

Doubtless, you and other passengers will also sustain body injuries that could cause irreversible damage to your body. For example, your legs may experience severe impact or pressure as the Limousine reforms when rolling over. If the pressure overwhelms your legs, you may have to undergo amputation from the lack of alternative treatment.

  1. Accidents Caused by Mechanical Damage

Sometimes, the Limousine driver may do his/her best to remain alert on the road and avoid reckless driving. However, if the Limousine has undetected mechanical problems, they could lead to catastrophic incidents, depending on the type of defect present in the car. The issues may arise from irregular checks and brake fluid replacement, causing unexpected brake failure in crucial circumstances. Moreover, the gas tank system may experience some leakage that could cause gas spillage and create fire hazards. The door locks on the Limousine doors may be potential safety hazards, especially if they refuse to unblock accordingly to lock and unlock the door.

In cases where the brake system fails, the Limousine driver is likely to lose control of the car. As a result, it would be difficult to stop the vehicle, even when it is headed directly into another car, or into a stationary obstacle that could damage severely. Brake failures have also caused pedestrian accidents, whereby the driver was unable to stop the Limousine from hitting an unsuspecting pedestrian at a crosswalk.

When there are gas leaks in the Limousine mechanical system, you and other passengers are also at risk of a fire. Since the liquid fuelling the Limousine is highly flammable, it would only take a small ignition to fire up the vehicle. Therefore, even tiny sparks from the friction on wheel systems as the car brakes are enough to cause a fire accident. If you and the driver do not detect it fast enough, you could remain trapped in the Limousine until the situation escalates, leading to severe consequences. Supposing the car locks also malfunction and fail to unlock, it would trap you and other passengers inside the Limousine until you manage to find an emergency escape through the windows.

The damages sustained from such Mechanical defects are often severe and cause dramatic life changes for the victims involved. For example, accident victims who suffer from severe burns may never regain their original physical appearance, leading to irreversible effects.

  1. Side Impact Collisions

A side impact accident is also known as a T-bone collision, based on its nature. Usually, T-bone accidents occur at road intersections and other minor junctions when one driver fails to check and confirm that the lane he/she intends to join is clear. Other times, the driver may engage in reckless and careless driving by failing to observe traffic lights that prompt him/her on when to proceed. Regardless of the cause of the side impact accident, the results are usually devastating for the victims involved, as they create a high impact on the vehicles.

The problem is amplified in T-bone accidents involving Limousines because of the elongate body that exposes passengers to higher force from the colliding vehicle. For example, when a car crashes into the limousine side at high speed, the power is enough to penetrate the Limousine and severely injure any passengers seated along the body of the Limousine designed to face each other, as they are in the direct line of impact. The side impact can cause fatalities to anyone who sustains serious harm, as the vehicle’s body is deformed and paves the way for a massive hit to the passengers.

You may also sustain traumatic brain injuries, spinal damage, and broken limbs if the Limousine debris falls hard on your body. Some victims may also experience severe cases of whiplash and dislocated joints from the sudden pushes after the collision.

Determining the Nature of a Catastrophic Limousine Accident

It is often difficult to explain the difference between regular collisions and catastrophic incidents, as most people would classify them generally as accidents. However, devastating accidents and injuries often cause irreversible effects that require serious attention to help you manage the aftermath. The following are specific indicators that your Limousine accident was catastrophic:

You and Other Victims Suffered From Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

When a professional doctor diagnoses you with PTSD, it is based on an assessment of your behavior and its relation to the events you experienced. Some evaluations that the doctor is to check for noticeable changes, your ability to remain focused at work and at a given task, and any flashbacks you may have concerning the accident. Suppose findings show that you have undergone significant personality and mental changes after the accident. In that case, it will qualify as a catastrophic event that caused severe disruption of your usual mental coping mechanism.

You Sustained Severe and Irreversible Injuries

Most accident victims are fortunate to escape the accident scene with minor scratches and injuries, if any. Conversely, if you are involved in a catastrophic accident, you have higher chances of sustaining injuries that cause irreversible damage and effects that last for the rest of your life. For example, suppose you had to undergo amputation from the Limousine accident. In that case, it will affect the way you engage in regular activities, as you may require prosthetics or a wheelchair to facilitate movement.

Other injuries that affect your spinal cord and limbs may also cause similar effects, as you may experience partial or whole paralysis. With such an outcome, it is difficult to undergo further treatment that may correct the stiffness, meaning that you will require additional medical assistance to get by.

Your Regular Life Routine is Disrupted

If you were used to going to work, managing your home independently, or even engaging in other sports activities without the need for support from medical equipment like crutches or a wheelchair, you would experience a drastic change after a catastrophic Limousine accident. You may also have to seek home care services from registered nurses to help you get by in difficult situations. The outcome of your accident will be sufficient evidence in your compensatory suit to show the severity of the incident, resulting in the need for additional compensation for all the harm you suffered.

Possible Parties Liable for a Catastrophic Limousine Accident

As discussed, catastrophic accidents arise from different causes that may involve diverse groups of people. You and your attorney should work closely to analyze the events leading to the accident for the proper establishment of the party at fault. Some possible defendants in your compensatory suit include:

The Limousine Driver

In most cases, you will find the driver operating the Limousine as the party at fault, based on several actions that he/she engaged in. For example, suppose the driver was distracted when driving by texting and receiving calls when handling the vehicle. In that case, you can gather sufficient evidence from witness statements and police reports to prove their negligence that caused the incident.

Moreover, suppose the driver engaged in driving under the influence or engaged in reckless driving that included complete disregard of traffic regulations and use of high speed. In that case, he/she is also liable for your injuries. When preparing for your case, your lawyer will investigate whether it is suitable to sue the employing company vicariously for the driver's faults, to ensure that you receive rightful compensation from the Limousine company.

The Manufacturing Company

If the Limousine arises from mechanical defects and other problems that were not apparent even after inspection by the Limousine company, you may sue the company responsible for manufacturing the vehicle for defects. Your complaints will include the actual defect that caused the accident to show the manufacturing company's fault in assembling the car. If you are successful, you will receive compensation from the defendants and secure proper recovery from the catastrophic accident.

The Road Maintenance Authority

An accident may also arise from the lack of road signs to warn drivers of impending danger like sharp bends. There may also be severe incidents from debris and other obstacles on the road. If there is a maintenance body authorized to keep the streets and highways in good condition at all times, you may also hold them responsible for the damage and injuries sustained. It is necessary to remember that you will have to prove how improper road maintenance caused a catastrophic accident. However, it should not be difficult to prove such elements, especially if there are sufficient information and footage to show that the poor road conditions were the primary cause of the incident.

Claims to Include in Your Compensatory Suit

Once the judge allows your matter to proceed, you will need to draft a demand letter that includes all your claims from the Limousine accident. Some of the recommended claims to file for include:

  • Loss of wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering from severe personal injury
  • Wrongful death
  • Damage of property

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