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Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney

If you or someone you loved have been seriously injured through the negligence or misconduct of others, you are entitled to full compensation for all losses inflicted on you as a result. We at Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney are dedicated to using our vast legal knowledge and experience in California personal injury law to work for you. We fight with both wisdom and tenacity to secure for every client the reimbursement that by right and by law is theirs.

Personal Injury Practice Areas

Over the years, we have handled a large and diverse array of personal injury cases for our clients in the L.A. area. Each case has its unique circumstances, and a list of every specific case-type would be long indeed. However, 6 of the most common types of personal injury cases we see are as follows:

  1. Slip and fall injuries: If unreasonably dangerous conditions existed on a property you rented or visited before having an accident there, it is possible the property owner could be liable for the damages.
  2. Workplace injuries: Employers have a responsibility to keep the workplace as safe as possible for their employees. They also need to provide safety gear and safety education to their workers. Accidents at factories, construction sites, and dangerous work areas often lead to tort action.
  3. Auto accident injuries: Life-altering injuries, financial devastation, intense pain and suffering, and emotional trauma are often the results of L.A. area auto accidents. We fight the big insurance companies and at-fault drivers who are reluctant to pay, in order to get you the compensation you deserve.
  4. Pedestrian injuries: Unfortunately, collisions between pedestrians and automobiles are far from uncommon in Los Angeles. The injuries that result reflect the dire "mismatch" between the colliding objects. We cannot reverse the impacts of the accident, but we fight hard to maximize your compensation and lighten your financial load.
  5. Medical malpractice: Wrong diagnoses, prescribing the wrong medications, leaving objects inside of surgical patients, and other negligent acts of physicians can injure their patients for life. No one who suffers harm at the hands of those he came to for help should suffer uncompensated.
  6. Defective products:Manufacturers can be sued when their products are defective and cause injury in those who use them (but not mis-use them). If the product's very design was overly dangerous to begin with, this can also be a valid grounds for a personal injury lawsuit.

Case Results

  • $1,000,000
    Commercial Accident
  • $800,000
    Truck v. Auto
  • $500,000
    Auto v. Auto
  • $500,000
    Medical Malpractice
  • $220,000
    Auto v. Bicycle
  • $200,000
    Auto v. Pedestrian
  • $150,000
    Slip and Fall
  • $125,000
  • $100,000
    Hit and Run
  • $100,000
    Auto v. Auto

Tackling Liable Parties Head-On

We understand that personal injury can have a severe impact on the quality of your life and often times, the pain may be there for the remainder of your life even with comprehensive treatment and surgery. While financial compensation can’t take away the pain, it can help ensure that you have the finances needed to pay for your medical care and any other loss you may suffer as a consequence of the accident, while at the same time giving you room to focus on recovery.

Insurance policies are supposed to give us peace of mind should the unfortunate happen. But insurance providers are in this business to make money and may try to avoid their responsibilities in caring for someone who was injured in an accident. Some try to settle a case for much less than what the victim deserves. Your situation can be more challenging when you have to handle the pain and the worry of how associated expenses will be met. A skilled Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney can be able to determine the amount of compensation owed depending on current and future losses resulting from the accident. We do not stop there; we will fight until when you are fully compensated.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • We offer personalized attention to our clients.

We understand that every client and every case is unique and don’t believe in one approach for all. For this reason, we strive to provide legal representation that is customized to the specific needs of our esteemed clients. With proficiency, compassion, and integrity, we take on the legal challenges faced by our clients and provide aggressive advocacy to advance your best interests. We are committed to achieving the best possible outcome for you.

  • Free, no-obligation consultation

Before you retain our services for your legal issues, we discuss and evaluate the specifics of your case and help you understand your rights and legal options. This will enable you to make an informed decision on how we can proceed with the case. We are professionals and we will not pressure you in any way. We are open to offering free consultations by phone or over the internet. And if you can’t come to us, we will come to you whether you are in the hospital or at home. We will work depending on your situation.

  • Our recovery record speaks for itself

We have helped many clients recover millions of dollars. We can’t guarantee results but we will definitely offer our best. The pain and trauma experienced in an accident can have lifelong implications. Don’t delay in claiming your rights, act now and join our list of clients who have received the compensation they deserved.

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Los Angeles Personal Injury Law

Our team of personal injury attorneys are fully familiar with the complexities of California's personal injury laws. While it is not necessary for our clients to become experts, it is still helpful for them to learn some of the basic facts about California tort law, which are mentioned below.

  • In California, there is generally a 2-year statute of limitations on personal injury cases. After the 2 years expires, so does your right to file a claim.
  • Claims against a government entity have only a 6 month statute of limitations, and the procedural rules that must be followed are very strict.
  • If an injured party is unaware of his/her injury, then the clock on the statute of limitations starts running from the "date of discovery" rather than the "date of injury."
  • Economic damages that the at-fault party is liable for can include medical expenses, lost wages, and home renovations needed to accommodate injury-caused handicaps. There is no pre-set limit to economic damages, for they are determined by the costs caused by the injury.
  • There is a cap on non-economic elements of your compensation, such as pain and suffering, and psychological distress. California limits this amount to a "single-digit multiplier (9 or less) of the economic damages. Thus, $10,000 in economic damages limits you to $90,000 in non-economic damages.
  • The California Shared Fault Law follows a rule of "pure comparative negligence." This means that your compensation is reduced by the percentage of fault (if any) that is determined to be your own. So, if you were 25% at fault, you would see your claim shrink from $10,000 to $7,500. Outside of court, in negotiations with insurers, there is often sharp disagreement over degree of fault, underscoring how critical it is to have a good lawyer.

Other Personal Injury Laws

More nuanced and targeted personal injury laws that may become important in individual cases. Some examples are given below:

  • Uninsured motorists who are injured in an auto accident forfeit their right to collect non-economic damages, even if the other driver is 100% at fault. However, if the other driver was using alcohol/drugs, this rule does not apply.
  • In medical malpractice cases, there is a $250,000 limit on non-economic damages. This is based on the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act and is meant to curb frivolous lawsuits, but it can also impact legitimate lawsuits.
  • In dog bite incidents, California is a "strict liability" state. This means that the dog's owner is almost always fully responsible for the dog's actions even without any negligence being proven by the plaintiff. This is in contrast with some other states, which do not make dog owners liable for an attack if they had no reason to believe the dog was dangerous (the "one bite rule.")

Common Consequences of Personal Injuries

Personal injuries can have a wide range of consequences with the most common being:

  • Anxiety, stress, and depression
  • Temporary or permanent bodily injury and physical/mental impairment
  • Inability to resume to work or qualify for another job opportunity
  • Prolonged treatments with huge medical bills

In personal injury cases, damages may be awarded for pain and suffering, past and future medical treatment, assistive medical equipment to aid mobility in the case of impairment, lost income and the partial or total inability to obtain gainful employment, loss of sexual intimacy as a result of the injury, and punitive damages when the negligence is extreme.

Our Practice Areas

Los Angeles has busy streets and freeways with thousands of automobiles each day. The busy nature of our transport networks coupled with a number of factors such as road conditions, high speed, and high rate of negligence make accidents inevitable. An auto accident is one of the most devastating misfortunes that can happen to anyone. The impact will most likely leave you nursing serious injuries. The time right after an accident is critical for collecting evidence, protecting yourself and maintaining your ability to get the compensation that you need to get through the difficult times.

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident, contact Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney right away. When the insurance company tries to suppress your claim, you can bet that our lawyers will be there to defend your claim and fight for a fair and just compensation that you and your family deserve. When it comes to personal injuries, we take every situation seriously. No matter what type of auto accident you’ve been involved in, we can handle your case from start to finish.

A slip and fall injury can ruin your day, entire plan or even change how the rest of your life will be. Slip and fall accidents happen to people when they are out and about and are among the most common causes of personal injuries. These accidents majorly occur due to negligence or poor upkeep of walkways and public spaces. Many slips are caused by water leakages or negligence of custodial staff. This makes the surface slick and dangerous leading to falls and serious injuries. In the many construction sites in Los Angeles, slip and fall accidents tend to happen as a result of poorly maintained sites and improperly stored materials.

Depending on where and how a slip and fall accident transpires, an individual can be left with temporary injuries and in worst cases, severe, permanent injuries may occur, requiring costly and extensive treatment. You may be entitled to compensation for the pain and suffering as well as the medical expenses if your injury was as a result of negligence on the part of the property owner. Our slip and fall attorneys are available to offer you legal counsel and fight for compensation from the property owner’s insurance company.

Workplace or on-the-job injuries can result from defective machines, construction site accident, automobile accident, or a fall. Workers who sustain an injury while carrying out any work-related activity may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to help cover for the cost of medical treatment, permanent disability, and lost wages caused by temporary disability. The benefits should be awarded to the worker regardless of who was at fault. While this may be the case, many employers in the Golden State want to save money by misleading the worker or not filing for a proper claim.

If a third-party’s negligence played a major role in the injuries suffered, a personal injury claim may entitle you to recover for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost income and lost earning capacity. This means that you can have a personal injury claim and a worker’s compensation claim for the same injury. It’s not your role to foot the bill for work-related injuries. Our goal is to hold those who acted in negligence accountable for their wrongdoing and ensure that you get reasonable compensation.

Crossing the street is part of our daily lives but rarely do we give a second thought to the lurking danger. Accounts of pedestrian accidents in Los Angeles are quite common. An average road car weighs over two tons and this explains the reason for the prevalence of broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, permanent disfigurement, amputated limbs, and internal injuries suffered as a result of pedestrian accidents. Fatalities are all too common. Top causes of these types of accidents include drunk driving, distracted driving, running a stop sign or red light, failing to yield the right-of-way, and making a turn without looking for pedestrians.

Most of these accidents are avoidable but pedestrians remain unprotected against negligent drivers. If you or your loved has been injured, you may be entitled to damages for pain and suffering, medical expenses, permanent disability, and lost income. At Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney, we understand the painful experience you have to go through and nothing will give us more satisfaction than helping you seek justice and compensation for the suffering. It’s never easy but we can help protect your family’s wellbeing.

A defective product can be anything, including kitchen appliances, automobiles, tools, toys, construction equipment, weight loss and birth control pills, edible products, medical devices, among many other items. Manufacturers have an obligation for designing and testing their product before it is made available to the public. If such products harm one or several consumers, all products should be recalled immediately and necessary changes made to mold them into safe devices. Manufacturers are also required to notify the masses of known dangers associated with the use of a certain product. If you’re hurt by a shoddy product, a designer, manufacturer, or vendor should be held liable for the pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages and diminished earning capacity.

In self-interest, manufacturing giants will try to use their significant financial resources to challenge you to a costly legal battle or offer you a compensation that is far less than what you deserve. We at Los Angeles Personal Injury have a third option. Representing clients in the greater Los Angeles area, we offer unsurpassed legal representation to those who’ve suffered harm from defective products. We have the experience and resources to fight for you until you get the compensation you’re entitled to.

Hospitals are supposed to be places of comfort and healing. But every year, hundreds of Californians die as a result of avoidable medical mistakes. Medical malpractice is an injury or death that occurs as a result of negligent errors and mistakes in the course of treatment. The most common types of medical malpractice include misdiagnosis in which the physician fails to identify the cause of a medical issue quickly enough or correctly. This as well involves errors in dosage and selection of the appropriate form of treatment. Wrongful amputation, exposure to infectious disease, failure to secure informed consent, and improper administration of anesthesia, can also be the basis of a successful medical malpractice lawsuit.

Medical procedures and treatments have inherent risks but medical malpractice can occur if a physician fails to inform you of those risks and you sustain an injury as a result of the treatment or procedure. The birth of a child is supposed to be an exciting experience but it’s unfortunate that a medical professional can make a preventable mistake during or shortly after birth, causing permanent injury to a child. When all of these incidences occur and you or your loved one sustains serious injury, you deserve compensation for the pain and suffering you are forced to undergo. By contacting us, you can rest assured that we will aggressively investigate your claim and represent your interests to the furthest extent.

When someone dies in an accident, a wrongful death claim can be presented by the surviving family members. Those who qualify to file the claim can be a spouse, putative spouse, children, stepchildren, domestic partner, parents, and a minor who has lived with the deceased for 180 days. A wrongful death claim is a remedy that attempts to measure the financial implications that the death of the victim would have on the surviving family. In this case, those filing the claim must prove that the defendant acted recklessly, carelessly or intentionally, caused the victim’s death, and what losses the family has suffered or will continue to suffer because of the death.

Compensation can include economic damage for the loss of any financial service that the deceased would have provided and any funeral and burial expenses. Non-economic damages are harder to quantify but cover for the loss of companionship, love, care, assistance, training, protection, and, sexual relations on the part of the spouse. The grief of losing a loved one can break your heart and weigh you down, but the legal steps you take after the unfortunate incident can play a bigger role in ensuring that you and your family get the compensation that you deserve. Los Angeles Personal Injury will be there when you need a shoulder to lean on and unmatched legal representation in California.

Catastrophic injuries occur in varied forms, including spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, severe burns, blindness, multiple fractures, amputations, and brachial plexus. This can be as a result of a work-related accident, a defective product, an auto accident, a bicycle accident, slip and fall accidents or any other intentional or negligent or unintentional cause. Catastrophic injuries can have an enormous financial and emotional effects on a victim and his or her family. Individuals can experience drastic, negative changes in their lives. Often, these injuries result in life-long medical treatment and prolonged life-care support. Victims stand to lose their income and ability to obtain gainful employment. Given the great and extensive damages that these types of injuries bring, it is particularly imperative to retain the unparalleled services of Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney. We will apply our exceptional expertise and extensive experience to evaluate whether you have a valid claim and fight for your rights. Time is of the essence in these types of cases. Get in touch with us today at 424-231-2013


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